Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your Slut Or Mine... What Will It Be?

You can tell by the way that I’m looking at you right now that I have one thing in mind. And that’s to make your cock so fucking hard that it’s dripping pre cum. I want to have you all to myself where I can satisfy all of your no limit’s phone sex desires. It doesn’t matter how kinky, naughty, twisted or taboo it is. I know you have been watching me and I’ve been doing everything I can to driving you so far to the edge that all you can think about is sliding your throbbing hard cock in my tight young pussy. Look at my nipples and how puffy they are. They are very sensitive and want to be licked, sucked and tugged on by your mouth. MMM M just thinking about it makes my little snatch box dripping wet. My little fuck hole throbs for you and your big fat meat stick. And you know that no one will make you want to rip all of her clothes off like I will. Not your wife, girl friend, friends with benefits or your secret lover. I want you to step into my bed room and park your inhibitions at my door. I want to be your naughty fucking play toy. Or maybe you can be mine. My sweet sensual voice will make your dick want to explode. And my dirty talking mouth will have you dripping pre cum like no other. Think about my warm wet mouth sliding up and down your pole licking and slurping and taking it deep down my throat. And your cream filled balls nestled on my chin as I look up at you and slide my tongue down to your huge fucking balls and tea bag them. Or maybe if you are a submissive slut you want to get on your knees and serve my addictive pussy. I bet you want to run your tongue up and down my slit and nibble on my clitty. Don’t be scared to be my slave baby. I’ll just grind my tiny pussy into your tongue and pull you deep inside. And if you are a open minded subbie there isn’t anything we cant do. If you are an aggressive man you can climb on top or put me on my knees and slide that aching cock in my fuck tunnel. I know you want to feel how tight and wet I am for you. I know you want to feel that cock pump deep inside of my holes and feel me grind in circles and say “Please don’t stop fucking me! I’m your naughty little slut.” I want to feel those huge balls slap against my round fucking ass. Can I reach behind and cradle your balls in my soft little hand? Can I be your kinky dirty play thing? Or maybe you want to be mine. Are you a panty wearing slut? Or maybe you are a strap on lover who wants to be dominated by a princess. It doesn’t matter what makes your dick want to explode. I will drive you so far to the edge that you will be aching to shoot that thick hot load just for me. I always get what I want. And right now I want to strip out of my sexy dress just for you and show you just how slutty I can be for you…

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

He Said "Do You Wanna Ride?"

We couldn’t even make it back to your room before you started to make your move on me. There we were there in the casino elevator me dressed like a total whore and you with your cock so fucking hard it’s ready to explode. You put your hands around my waist and grabbed me pulling me into you. You looked into my eyes and said “Do you wanna ride baby?” I smiled and said “I wanna do more than ride!” My tight fitting top was lifted up and tits were exposed. My skirt was lifted and panties? Well I wasn’t wearing any so that just made it much more easier for you to access this dripping wet tight pussy. You knew when you saw me earlier that night that I was a complete and total naughty phone sex slut. And I made sure as soon as I laid my eyes on you that we were going to get heated up before we even made it up to your room. You had me there knowing that the elevator could stop at any moment and then before I knew it I was pushed against the corner with you driving your juicy meaty cock deep inside of me. It was the hugest thing I’ve ever felt. My pussy was yearning to me hammered by your dick. Just thinking about you now has me weak because I know you are the kind of older man who just makes my body tingly all over. You don’t fuck around when it comes to getting what you want. And being older and very experienced is just what I want. I wrapped my arms and sexy long legs around you because I needed to feel your cock deep inside of me.

Your force made my heart pound. I could feel my body quiver from head to toe. I kept saying “Don’t stop fucking me please. I want to make your cock feel so good that it makes your knees buckle. I am your whore and no one elses.” Your thrusts became more intense and the way that my pussy was grabbing and squeezing around that fleshy dick it wasn’t long until you had me down on my fucking knees with your massive pole over my face just ready to jack it until you fed me every last drop of your cum. But first I just had to taste my pussy around your long shaft. I started sucking and licking it and slurping all over it. My head moved up and down as you started face fucking me. Our adrenaline was pumping because anyone could have came in there and caught us. It didn’t matter who thought because I could have talked my way out of it. And one look of my huge tits and round tight ass and this pussy around their cocks and they would have forgotten about what they saw. You grabbed the back of my head as your dick plunged deep into my throat and said “that’s enough you whore I’m ready to dump my fucking cum down your throat.” I tipped my head back looking up at you saying “Please let me be your cum slut. I’m so thirsty I need to drink down every last drop.” I wrapped my soft hand around it and started jacking it off until you blew all that sticky cum down my throat. It tasted so fucking good. I just love being your favorite phone sex slut.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Limit's Phone Sex Slut

I'm thinking about how much I want to be your cock sucking slut right now. The raunchy whore who loves to get down on my knees and open up my mouth and slide it around your huge mushroom head. I want to feel it sliding in my wet mouth as my lips are sliding up and down your thick hard shaft. I want to look up at you smiling as you know I'm going to make your dick feel so good you want to erupt down my throat. I know you like it when i'm talking dirty and your are pumping your meat in and out of this deep throat cock loving slut. You can't help but plow your cock down my throat and hear me choke all over it. What is that I'm tasting your pre cum juices? I know you don't want me to stop there do you? How naughty and dirty do you want me to go with you? Maybe trail my tongue down that shaft and start sucking on those full balls? I'll roll them around in my mouth as I start taking my finger and sliding it up and down your ass. I want to tease it and make it feel like it's never felt before. And just when I think you couldn't get any more kinky you say "Take out that think vibrator and start sliding it in my fucking ass. I knew once I started sliding my little finger in there you would want more. Do you want it slow and easy or fast and deep? I will suck it for you before I slide it in. Or maybe you want to crawl on top of me and slide your raging hard dick in my bare tight pussy and start fucking me while I fuck you with my little toy. You know I'm an extremely naughty and kinky girl with a very open and forbidden mind. Yep I like things that are suppose to wrong like guys who are much older than me. I also like fucking men who are married and taken. I like giving you what she wont. I don't care if it's mild or extreme. Because once you feel this sweet young pussy grabbing a hold of your dick all you will want to do is blow your load deep in my hole. I'll beg you like the cum slut that I am too. I love the wild side and the excitement of hot anything goes phone sex. Do you wanna cum take a ride with me today?

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taboo Phone Sex With My Favorite Daddy

What are you in the mood for today? Maybe a naughty girl who you haven’t talked too in a long time? Someone who loves doing daddy’s girl phonesex with you? Do you have those taboo fantasies that make your dick stiff and all you can think about doing is coming home after a long day to see me dressed up like a slut? You know I did it just for you. You find me in your bedroom on my knees ready to get you as stiff as a rock. You know you are a very naughty daddy who always knows that I will give you exactly what you want. How could I not? Every time you call me for taboo phone sex and as soon as I hear your voice this little pussy gets dripping wet. That sexy hot voice of yours makes tingles run up and down my body. Should be quiet because someone is in the other room? Maybe you have your girl friend or wife there and we can’t make a lot of noise. Or maybe you sent her away knowing that I’m about to wrap these full pouty lips around your dick and suck it like the cock whore you know that I am. I want to look up at you and feel you fucking my mouth with your extreme rock pounding in and out. It feels so good that you plunge it down my throat deeper. My eyes start to water and I feel myself choking and I can taste your pre cum leaking into my throat. I slide off my shoulder straps and expose my big tits to you and all you want to do is slide that cock between them. Feel me wrap them around your shaft as you are pumping in and out.

And I feel your cock head hitting my chin as you hear me say “I’ve missed you so much daddy. I’ve waited so long to be your little whore again.” Then you slap me across the face with your dick because you know that I’ve been a slut while you are away. But deep down inside we both know who owns this fucking tight wet pussy. YOU DO. It’s all yours and I want to give it to you like no one else can. You are my favorite daddy and all I want right now is to have my legs spread and ass up in the air looking back at you as you have that dick in your hand stroking it for me. Look at these pussy lips staring you in the face. They need to get stretched out by your big massive cock. You hear me say “Please fuck me daddy my little cunt wants it so bad.” And with one thrust you start to pound this hole. I grab it and squeeze it and pull it deep inside of me. Can you feel these juices sliding down your shaft? I grind back onto you and you take those big strong hands and start slapping my ass giving it too me deeper and harder. I’m moaning so loud that the next door neighbors can hear me. What would it take for me to get you to the edge of exploding in my dripping wet pussy that’s all for you? I moan out saying “Take it you own this! My pussy belongs to you!” And then you tell me to beg you for your cum. I’ll beg you and say “Please flood my cunt with your creamy jizz. I want it so bad please daddy!” And these lips lock around your shaft and you spray that load deep inside of me. No one can give me an explosion like you do…..


Monday, March 08, 2010

My Favorite Perverted Naughty Principal

You are my naughty perverted principal who loves school girl phonesex. You just called me into your office for breaking the dress code at school. You tell me to lock your door because we are going to be in there for a while. Then you look into my eyes with this intense look and say "Angelique step around my desk here I want to show you something that you are responsible for doing." I smile at you with my extremely short skirt and white button up blouse with a pretty pair of panties under that and my knee hi's and shoes. You look hard and say "You are not wearing a bra under that top are you?" I shake my head and say "No I'm not Mr. Principal." I giggle and then you say "See these are the things that I'm talking about with you. This is one of the reasons why I called you in my office today. You know you cannot go around dressed like that. And look at the way your nipples poke through that top." Then I bat my lashes and say "But Mr. Principle I get straight A's and I'm a honor roll student and a very good girl." Then you chuckle and say "That's what you want everyone to believe that you are sweet and innocent. But do girls like that go around dressing like this?" When I make it behind your desk you have your pants down with your pulsating cock out in your hand stroking it. You take your hand and pull me into you and say "You know exactly what you are doing don't you? And when I see you like this all I can think about is having my way with you and ripping those little clothes off." My little hand is moving up and down the opening of my top and you can’t stop looking at the way my hard nipples are pushing through my top. I know that you are a pervy by the way that you look and talk to me. Not to mention that I'm not even 18 yet.

I look at you and say "Please don't be angry with me I'll do whatever you want me to do." You take your hand and start to slide it under my short plaid skirt and you say "I know you will because if you don't I’m going to tell your parents that you have been doing very bad things like cutting classes." My heart starts to race because I had no idea that he knew that I was skipping my courses to go hang out with my friends. And as much as I want to deny him I know I cant. He is everything that gets my heart racing. He's a married man who is much older than me. Tall tanned and very handsome. MMMM and he always smells so good too. I know it's wrong for me to be attracted to a man that's taken but part of the fun is trying to get a married man away from his wife or at least have all of his thoughts be about me. So I stand there touching myself and seducing him. Being all flirty and brushing my body against his. And then I say "I know that I seem to be sweet shy and innocent but now that we are behind closed doors that's about to change. I take my soft hand and wrap it around his thick cock and start to stroke it. Then look into his eyes and slowly get down on my knees and look up at him and say "You want me to suck your dick don't you Mr. Principal. I can tell by the look on your fact that you do. I start to squeeze it a little bit and see his pre cum start to leak out. Then take my tongue and start to slide it up his shaft. I can taste his wetness as I’m licking all around his mushroom head. I look up at him as my mouth starts to caress and glide up and down his shaft. His dick is so thick right now that it feels like he will cum at any moment. He looks down at me moaning out and places his hand on top of my head.

He pushes my lips down on his shaft as deep as they can go until I start to choke around the base of his cock. I can feel myself gagging as my mouth moves up and down faster. My eyes begin to water and I'm moaning out saying "Oh yes please fuck my face with your big fat cock. The slurping sounds makes his drips of pre cum flow even more. He moves faster and my pace quickens. His rod is so smooth and so meaty and feels so good that my little panties start to get moist. I am saying all kinds of dirty things to him like "Your dick feels so good and my little cunt is tingling bad." He takes me by my arms and pulls my lips from off of his cock and says "Bend over my desk now Angelique I need to fuck your little hole." I smile at him and do exactly as he says lifting up my skirt to expose my tight ass. I think he is going to fuck my little pussy but instead he says "Look at that tight ass of yours I need that rose bud wrapped around my fucking dick right now!" I give out a loud moan saying "Please Mr. Principal your cock is so huge please don't hurt me!" He takes the tip of his mushroom head and starts to push it in my tiny tunnel. He thrusts in and out and can feel the way my ass grips and squeezes on his shaft. I'm trying to contain myself and not yell out too loud but I just can’t help myself. I look back at him and say "Don't stop fucking me Mr. pervy principal your hard dick feels so good in my ass!" I start to move my hips in circles and feel him penetrate me deeper and faster. I grind back into him and then he gets this intense expression on his face and lets out a deep moan and shoots his cream deep inside of my ass. I've never felt anything so thick and creamy. It was like an explosion of a gun that kept shooting over and over inside of me. He turned me around after his slid his cock out of me and said "I'm sure I will be seeing you in my office again Angelique." We both smile and I say "You can count on it Mr. Principal...

What kind of role play phonesex fun are you in the mood for today? I have no limit's or taboos..

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sharing My BFF'S Boyfriend

My sister and her boy friend invited me over to their place last night for some drinks. They were going to have a party so I said “Sure I’ll be right over!” I showed up in a low cut black red top and a pair of black booty shorts. I had on some of my favorite thigh hi’s and boots and put on some really sweet smelling perfume. I thought since it was going to be a party and other guys was going to be there I may as well dress in my sluttiest outfit. As soon as I arrived my sister was like “Oh I’m happy you came Angel you look so sexy tonight!” I smiled and said “Thank you. You look really hot too!” And of course her doggish boyfriend was right up in my face. It was like his girl friend wasn’t even standing there. He said “Damn Angel baby you look smoking hot dressed in that outfit.” I smiled and said “You like it huh? I see you haven’t changed a bit Nick.” All I could think about was saying “you are still a dog!” I started to look around and walked past him and brushed my huge tits across his chest. I have to admit he can be a pig also. My girl friend tried to get the conversation going but he just wasn’t listening to her. I said “where is everyone else babe?” She said “Well they haven’t arrived yet.” She went to the kitchen and came back with some tequila shots to get the pre party started. She had on some black eyed pea and after we took a lick drink and suck we started to dance with each other. Her boy friend stood there looking at us with a big bulge in his pants. He started walking up to us closer and tried to start grinding against me. She looked and said “Nick what the fuck are you doing?” He said “Oh come on baby you know your friend is hot and she’s a huge dick tease.” She looked at me smiling and said “Yeah that’s true Angel you are a hot dick tease. But I bet you don’t want my boyfriend do you.”

I got up in his face and started to push my body into his saying “MMMMM do I want you James? Do I like guys like you who just dog girls around? I mean you are a bad boy and I can’t help but saying that’s the only thing I really find hot about you.” I could feel the big bulge in his pants press in against my thighs. Then he looked into my eyes saying “Yes I am a bad boy but you are a bad girl. And so is my girl friend.” I looked at him and then looked at her. Him between us as me and her started to touch each other. Then I said “Angie I do want your boyfriend sorry to say. He’s just so fucking hot I can’t help myself. And he knows how to give it to me just how I like.” I looked back at him grinding into him saying “Isn’t that right Nick don’t you know how to give me what I want.” He started moaning out saying “Oh fuck yeah I sure do!” He took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen and bent me over. He took out his huge fat dick and started to run it up and down my pussy lips. Then he trailed it down to my tiny little ass. He said “I wonder if Angel is a dirty fucking slut? I wonder which hole she would take it in.” Or maybe I could fuck that tiny bald cunt and finger that slutty ass hole.” I turned around with my tight ass up in the air and said “Why don’t you find out how much of a fucking slut I can be and give me your dick!” I looked back at my girl friend standing there and could not believe what was about to happen right in front of her! I motioned for her to come over to me and take off her top. She said “MMMMM yes I wanna watch you get fucked by my man. I took my soft hands and started to squeeze her big tits. Then I took my tongue and started to lick them nice and slow. Then pulling in on them and tugging hearing her moan out in pleasure. I trailed my lips up to meet her mouth and started to kiss her.

Nick grabbed my round ass and started to squeeze. Then he brought his finger around to my mouth so I could suck on it nice and slow. He said “MMMM I bet your mouth would feel good around my dick bitch.” I said “You guessed right baby now shut up and start fucking me.” He said “Your cunt is really tight and my cock is huge so I’m going to lube it up and make it real wet.” Then he put some lube on my ass and said I’m going to slide my pole into your pussy and push.” I smiled saying “Push that meat stick in my cunt I want every last fucking inch of it stretching me open.” I started French kissing my girl friend and then I could feel him enter my tiny fuck hole. It felt so big and hard. I moaned out as my tongue rolled around Angie’s. Then I could feel him take his finger and push it in my tiny rose bud. He said “You are a dirty slut aren’t you Angel?” I said “It looks like I am doesn’t it bad boy? Fuck your dick is huge in my little pussy.” I looked back at him grinding my hips back into him saying “You like that don’t you baby? Fuck this dripping wet cunt and drill that cock deep inside of me!” I wanted more and more and more. I could not get enough of being his slutty whore. He feed my little pussy and filled it up with all of his meat and he said “Baby I can’t hold back I wanna cum right now!” I squeezed my pussy lips around his dick and said “I want you to give your cum to me and Angie we love sharing cum!” He pulled his finger and cock out of my holes and we both got down on our knees looking up at him. Both begging like two little cum loving whores saying “Give us your cum Nick please. We want our faces painted up and your thick load down our throats!” Then we took our tongues and started rolling them up and down his long shaft. Then tilted our heads back and took the hugest load of jizz we ever had! Then we both took turns cleaning his cock off… I can’t wait to get together with them again!
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Lust In Him Makes My Body Quiver

I walked up to him and brushed my body against his hot sexy body. He looked down at me and said “Angel can you feel how hard my cock is for you?” I looked up and said “I sure can and it’s making my pussy dripping wet for you.” I started touching him all over and all he had to do was back me into the bed and lift off my tight fitting top to expose my big tits. I started to undo his pants and he slid off my lacy bra and said “Are you ready to fuck you naughty slut?” I said “yes I am. I have been waiting on this moment for such a long time now.” When I lowered his shorts out came his huge fucking nine inch cock. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get any wetter then what I was at that moment. The tone in his voice and the way that he talked to me made me tingle from head to toe. And he knew that I was about to be all his. I lifted up my short slutty skirt and started to wiggle my hips and tight ass out of my panties and looked as his hand was pumping his long hard shaft. His animal look and lust in his eyes made me so ready for him I could not stand it any longer. He pulled me up into him and my tight fuck hole was ready to take his huge dick inside. He said “I didn't come here to fuck around today you have been teasing me and showing off that body long enough now and the time has come for me to feed that fucking cunt a real mans dick.” He slid the tip of his mushroom head up and down my slit and started to play with my nipples. He ran circles around them and pinched them a little bit. I moaned out “Ohhh that feels so good it makes me so wet when you do that. He started to kiss my soft lips and slid his tongue inside. He said “You want this don't you baby.” I said “Like nothing I've ever wanted before in my life.”

I moaned as his tongue ran and rolled around mine and before I knew it he had me pushed back on the bed with a pillow under my ass and my legs spread wide open. He pressed into me and slid his large rod into my tiny fuck hole and held me down. My pussy muscles squeezed around his throbbing shaft as he slid all the way in and all the way out. He could hear me say “Fuck this pussy it’s all yours. You know I’m a total fucking slut for you.” He took his big hands and started to mount them on my hips and buried his cock deeper in me. Thrusting in and out faster deeper and harder. Plowing my pussy and he could feel myself grabbing and squeezing and pulling him in even deeper. He had the hugest cock I’ve ever felt. It stretched my tiny walls open so much that I moaned out louder and louder. I wrapped my sexy long legs around his waist and said “Oh please fill me up with all of your cum. My fucking cunt needs it so bad.” Our bodies pressed into each other grinding round and round and side to side. I could feel my lips grab on him tighter. He knew that his cock was the only one I wanted. He said “Beg for my cum you dirty talking whore!” I said “Oh please can I have your thick hot cum? I need to feel it shooting deep in this pussy of yours!” He said “Who’s pussy is this?” I said “It’s all yours!!!” Over and over louder and louder that the whole fucking block could have heard me. And the next thing I knew he had a grip on me and filled me up and said “Hell yes that’s what I’m talking about take all this cum Angelique!” After we had that hot fun together he looked at me and said “I can’t wait to come here and find you waiting for me like this….

What a unforgettable night that was… And now I'm here wanting more.

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